Inviting others to take part in the movement to change codes, and place the Human Element at the heart of companies
An illustrated book which is the reflection of a true story…

In the corporate world where life is coded, normalised, punctuated by well-defined processes, teams may be stuck in a certain level of confirming, staying within their comfort zone. This means that the company faces a great danger: standstill, the harbinger of death…

Dominique Bellos INSPIRATION
invites you to consult an illustrated book which is unique in its field. This book encourages readers to begin thinking out of the box and rediscover the true meaning of authentic human relationships, and the paramount importance of our interactions with others.

“Once upon a … woman in industry”, is a book which is specifically targets all those who find themselves at the very heart of a company and who wish to change the codes so that the Human Element is not just a hollow phrase, an incantation or wishful thinking. How? By daring to be their authentic selves.
I share with those people the importance of intuition and appreciating others to dare to think out of the box and thus reveal that respecting the Human Element in an organisation is by no means optional, but rather the number one condition to guarantee sustainability and competitivity for our companies whatever country they may be in.
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Say yes to the Human Element in companies, it certainly works: I know, I’ve been there, done it!

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