Creation of a training module “Management & Leadership”
For the Hutchinson School of Management (HMS)


Companies are faced with a complex problem when it comes to management and leadership. They need to satisfy the expectations of their staff – and in particular those of millennials – with regard to questions about the manager as a coach, an inspirational figure who knows how to let go and leave room for autonomy. It is also important to develop soft skills and hence the managerial culture within the company directing teams.


Building a specific training module for Hutchinson School of Management (HMS), on emotional intelligence, the Hutchinson management reference framework and managerial behaviour respecting the 5 company values.

Mission accomplished

The training module “Management & Leadership” was designed and taught to Hutchinson Senior Managers.


  1. Design of the Management Reference Framework corresponding to the actual operation situation and to company DNA (Directing Board team)
  2. One day M&L Training course co-facilitated by a Director of Operations and an outside Management Consultant : the training module was based on the Management Reference Framework and teaching the corresponding soft skills
  3. Validation & Buy-In by the GM/CEO
  4. Trainer Training for the 7 Senior Operations Directors to teach the Module
In 4 years, 150 Senior Managers have been trained and discovered the importance of emotional intelligence and managerial behaviour, placing the Human Element at the very centre of the company.

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