Creation of “Opus 180”,
a collaborative book setting out company HR policy


During their seminar in Porto in June 2014, the 90 International HRDs of the company met to define HR policy, in order to accompany company strategy on an international level (2014-2019).


Because of the importance of what was at stake, and in order to be sure of the collaboration and total participation of all the International HRDs, it was decided to think totally out of the box and create a collective work, co-written by each participant, setting out the main lines of HR policy adapted to company strategy. To make this project even more effective, each participant had to leave the seminar with their own illustrated and bound copy of the book in English.

Mission accomplished

Some people thought this an impossible gamble, but we did it! «Opus 180» was edited and bound in time and each of the 90 International HRDs was proud to have contributed and take away the result of the seminar.


Before the seminar

  1. Change the codes
    ⇒ Convince the team of Corporate Experts of the benefits of creating a collaborative book
  2. Step outside our comfort zone
    ⇒ Motivate the team so that it takes ownership of the work to be done before and after with its HRD colleagues from all over the world
  3. Change attitude/habits
    ⇒ Combat its superiority complex in relation to its expertise and help it to admit the necessity of being accompanied by outside consultants who are experts in the technique needed for this creation

How? in 3 key questions

  1. What means do we need to succeed this challenge?
  2. What themes do we wish to deal with in HR policy for the next 5 years? And how?
  3. What could possibly cause this project to fail?

Important: Be sure to choose the right company as a partner

Each second of the seminar was prepared in detail, every team – operational and corporate – gave us their buy-in, and the help of The Boson Project allowed all 90 International HRDs to leave with the HR policy they had defined over those 3 days in the form of an actual book.
A copy signed by the 90 participants was given to the Company CEO when the seminar was over.

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