Reaching a professional objective,
find a specific internship abroad … quickly


A young engineer needs to find a particular type of end-of-studies internship abroad.
After several unsuccessful applications, time was getting short, and she asked for my help.


To help her rapidly adopt a new approach which was totally different from her habits, based on marketing strategy to conquer new markets.
The target: the company she dreamed of working for – with only 2 months to succeed.

Mission accomplished

The target internship was found and accepted successfully, the approach and the verbal message were designed via an rapid, effective iterative process.

Method, «ping-pong» style

  1. Ping – Me
    ⇒ A short targeted question session to be sure of the correct diagnosis
  2. Pong – Her
    ⇒ Deep reflection about herself:
    Who am I?
    What do I want exactly?
  3. Ping – Me
    ⇒ Deep dive into the heart of the target company:
    What type of interns do they recruit?
    Who are the competition?
  4. Pong – Her
    ⇒ Questions:
    Do I correspond to their criteria?
    What makes me stand out?
    What are the plus points in my profile for the company? The weaknesses? How can we counter them?
    Who are the competition?

By the end of this process, the young woman, who first of all was extremely dubious, left with all the key ideas to begin to “conquer her market”. 2 months later, she sent me a mail to tell me that she had been successfully taken on, and confirming that all the recruitment criteria had conformed 100% with those we had detected.

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